General conditions

General conditions for the use of the portal


  • The portal is a commercial, technical, communication/information portal owned by Calé srl.
  • The services and information available on the portal are provided by

    Calé srl Via Santa Maria Podone 5, 20123 Milano, Italia C.F. e P.IVA 01333820155 Nr.REA 0467860 Reg.Imprese n.01333820155
  • Depending on the use made (website navigation or registration on the website for the purpose of making purchases or using specific services), users accessing the portal are subject to these terms and conditions, and to any specific contractual conditions governing the functions used.
  • Users who do not agree with all the general terms and conditions for the use of the portal or who fail to understand them, shall not proceed to use the portal.
  • The recitals are an integral part of the terms and conditions for the use of the portal.
  • For the purposes of these terms and conditions, the terms portal and website are to be regarded as synonymous.
  • Simple navigation of the portal is free, with the exception of telephone charges or other costs required for Internet connection which are paid by the user and, moreover, are not regulated and do not depend on Calé srl
  • For information about the website:  tel. +39 0276002494


  • Calé srl reserves the right to update these terms and conditions for the use of the portal at any time.
  • The changes made shall take effect following publication of the new general terms and conditions on the portal.
  • No changes entailing the automatic acceptance of services/areas on payment for users shall be published.
  • Users are required to check from time to time for the publication of changes to this document.
  • If users do not wish to accept the new general terms and conditions for use, they shall not continue to use the portal.
  • If users continue to use the portal following the aforementioned changes, the use of the website shall in itself be understood as acceptance by users to be bound by the new terms and conditions for the use of the portal.

How to use the portal

  • For simple navigation of the portal it is not necessary to register on the same.
  • In order to register on the portal, users shall be over 18 years of age and legally entitled to undertake commercial transactions and enter into contracts, in addition to being entitled to perform the same for any company or other legal entity they may represent.
  • Calé srl reserves the right to change the prices of the products and/or services supplied at any time; in the event of such changes, the purchases made shall be invoiced on the basis of the rates applicable at the time of the electronic storage of the orders (and the order confirmation, pursuant to the information supplied above).
  • However, should it be necessary to prevent or report to the police force or legal authorities the commission of fraud on the portal, or any other act classified under law as a crime or offence, the aforesaid information shall be disclosed to the aforementioned competent authorities, and in any case placed at their disposal in compliance with the relevant sector regulations or upon the request of the said legal authorities.


  • Calé srl shall not be liable for any improper use of the portal by users and for users’ failure to comply with these terms and conditions.
  • The website is made available without the issue of any specific guarantee or licence. Users undertake all risks connected with the use of the internet and the IT applications (hardware and software).
  • Calé srl shall not be liable for any viruses, malware or any other problems related to users’ navigation on the internet insofar as they do not depend on actions carried out by Calé srl.
  • Users shall ensure that they are properly equipped with basic IT security tools (antivirus, firewall….).
  • More specifically, Calé srl accepts no responsibility for the following:
    • a. incompatibility of the Website with the telecommunications equipment, software and connections at the users’ disposal;
    • b. technical issues, including Website errors or interruptions;
    • c. attacks suffered by users during internet navigation (including but not limited to: viruses, malware etc.);
    • d. damage to the IT equipment/software used by users for navigation;

Services not included

  • The services provided by the website do not include the supply of a computer or other equipment required to access the website.
  • In order to use the Website, users shall be able to connect to the internet and have all the necessary connection accessories.
  • All telephone costs or other charges are at the user's expense.

Intellectual property

  • All contents available on the website such as (by way of example but not limitation) graphics, icons, logos, images, digital downloads, databases, software, videos and technical specifications are the property of Calé srl or of any partners or third parties that have authorised Calé srl to use them.
  • These terms and conditions do not entail the issue of licences or authorisations for the use of the contents available on the website such as (by way of example but not limitation) graphics, icons, logos, images, digital downloads, databases, software, videos and technical specifications.

Restrictions and prohibitions

  • It is expressly prohibited to use this website for the following purposes:
    • a. to disseminate illegal, harassing, defamatory, offensive, threatening, vulgar, obscene or otherwise censurable material;
    • b. to transmit material fostering behaviour that breaches current legislation, codes of conduct or similar;
    • c. to gain unauthorised access to other computer networks, to interfere with the use of the Website by third parties, to breach any law or regulation concerning the use of public telecommunications networks;
    • d. to interfere or in any way damage or restrict networks or websites linked to the Website;
    • e. to make, transmit or store electronic copies of material owned by Calé srl without authorisation;
    • f. to introduce links to the portal on personal or commercial sites without authorisation, which shall be applied for exclusively in writing.


  • Any user causing damage to Calé srl as a result of infringement of these terms and conditions or breach of laws, regulations or similar requirements, shall be liable for the same before the competent legal authorities.
  • The user indemnifies Calé srl against any illegal, non-compliant and/or unauthorised use of the information accessible on the portal made by the user him/herself or by third parties.
  • The user undertakes to release and hold harmless Calé srl from any legal action whatsoever which may be brought against the same or from any complaint lodged against it, even by third parties, arising from the the user’s use of the portal, comprising any legal expenses relating to such actions.

Availability of the Website

  • Users’ access to the Website may be subject to temporary interruptions as a result of repairs, maintenance or the introduction of new tools and services. MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC EUROPE B.V. undertakes to restore the service as soon as possible.

Third-party websites

  • For the users’ benefit, the Website may include links to other websites or other materials belonging to partners or third parties (Calé srl guarantees that, under such circumstances, it shall publish links or materials of a different nature solely subject to authorisation by the relevant partners/third parties).
  • Calé srl shall not be held liable for the content of the pages and services provided by such partners or third parties, to which users shall apply directly.


  • Data are processed in compliance with the provisions laid down in the Italian Legislative Decree 196/03. privacy policy

Governing law

  • These contractual terms and conditions shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the current laws of Italy.
  • As stated above, in the event of infringement by the user of these terms and conditions, Calé srl shall be entitled to resort to legal action to protect its rights in accordance with current law.

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