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The company

Welcome to our website

I hope you reached our page, led by the same passion that we boast for artistic fragrances, the best products of London barbers, exclusive toiletry and for the timeless emotions they are able to offer. A world made of creativity, brands, rare products, perfumes intriguing, secular or very recent stories, but always rich of original, curious and exciting inspirations selectively distributed and not sold by the large scale retail-trade.

Why we love our work

When I was finally convinced that I would have dedicated my professional career to chemical-pharmaceutical research that was appealing and extremely rewarding for me, life situations brought me to take the lead of the family company, founded in 1955 thanks to the extensive experiences dating back to the early '20s. Therefore, I began studying carefully, with humbleness, the reasons that led my grandparents to propose almost unknown products to their customers, avoiding any advertising aid. I wanted to understand what was driving retailers to appreciate these truly "special" fragrances, that the company was providing in its quality of distributor for Italy, and I realized that not only these were translating emotions or intense memories into extremely personal scents, result of creativity not related to marketing, but they boasted a unique peculiarity: the ability to keep their beauty unaltered with time and their evocative power, regardless of their age, proving to be indifferent to fashions and trends, like works of art.

Perfumes with a strong character, which become discreet ambassador of the style of the people who wear them. The more the fragrance is in tune with the individual who will choose it as expression of his/her character, the more this will be appreciated. I grew fonder of this world, studying it every day and respecting it, such to turn it into an intimate pleasure, rather than simple work.

The Company

Con il contributo insostituibile di mia moglie e dei nostri collaboratori ci siamo dedicati a capire pregi e difetti dell'operato passato dell'azienda e a introdurre quelle significative modifiche che ci hanno portato a essere leader riconosciuti di questo settore. Abbiamo messo in luce i valori di questi prodotti, intensificato e sviluppato un rapporto diretto e sincero con chi, commerciante o consumatore, amava queste fragranze e abbiamo modernizzato ed innovato senza mai intaccare il patrimonio di cultura e di coinvolgimento che erano le ragioni d'essere di questa attività.

Our mission

We are seeking the most beautiful expressions of creativity in the Art of Perfumery to distribute them through a network of retailers that share with us the passion for fragrances able to stir emotions. This is the reason why we consider ourselves discoverers of certainly surprising and particular perfumes and special dealers, more than a brands distributor. Today like in the past, we are convinced that it is no longer enough to offer essences of top brands from creative perfumers in stores, but we believe that is extremely important for these fragrances to be sold by retailers who truly appreciate and love them.

Our contribution to Artistic Perfumery

With the aim to share our devotion to the art of perfumery, we invested time and personal resources to hold meetings between distributors and shopkeepers, like the Perfume events as Fragranze in Florence and Esxence in Milan, meetings with the public at our boutiques in Milan and in different occasions around Italy, and to publish many articles on various newspapers, in addition to translate and publish books on perfumery. This activity boosted our personal relations with the sector's stakeholders with whom we boast the pleasure to share ideas, projects and that makes us privileged and esteemed interlocutor at international level.

Our stores

We opened a store in Milan, where we develop our most exciting projects and personally check their impact on the public. We called it Pérfume by Calé and we developed the slogan "accent on perfume" with the purpose to promote our mission: make the perfumes be "listened to", because they are chosen and appreciated for the emotions they communicate at eyes shut and free mind, regardless of their exterior image, packaging, and brands.

On September 2014 we also designed and opened in Milan a shop completely dedicated to the brand Creed as a milestone celebrating about 30 years of relation between Calé and Creed family and the relevant role of the Italian distribution for the worldwide brand's success.

A greeting and a wish

Even if you are approaching our small world, a niche made of real admirers, we believe that you will share with us the pleasure to discover from time to time exclusive products and excellent fragrances that, in addition to be fine, are beautiful.

The President of Calé Srl
Silvio Levi

The history

A asserted path of fragrances to savour

The beginning

During early 20th century, Giuseppe Casolari, born in 1899 was working as women's coiffeur in Milan city centre. He moved to Florence in 1924, which was at that time an extremely lively and brilliant worldly and intellectual centre, to open a prestigious shop in Lungarno Acciaioli. In 1928, he returned to the Lombard chief town that was asserting itself as industrial and financial core of the Italian Kingdom, choosing Via San Damiano for his activity, at the heart of the city. Maria-José from Belgium, wife of the future King Umberto II, assigned him the task to tame her wild frizzy hair. In 1938, he decided to move his beauty salon, which later became the most famous in Milan, to via Monte Napoleone 24. Upon request of his clients, he began importing some valuable hair accessories and perfumes, which could not be found in Italy. In 1945, also due to the damages caused by the bombings, the shop was transferred to Via Pietro Verri where the offer of rare perfumery products was expanded. During the ‘50s, the French brands, mainly linked to the great high couture names, were dominating the market and “niche” Perfumery was scarcely known consisting of a small number of international top quality artisanal Maisons.

Calé was born

This particular and refined sector became extremely important in the shop at Via Pietro Verri, such to lay the basis for a new and separate import and distribution activity at national level, of artistic perfumery products: Calé was thus founded in 1955, located at Via Pietro Verri 1, named according to the first letters of the surnames of the founder's daughters (Casolari and Levi).

The third generation

The second generation managed the company until 1994 when Giuseppe Casolari's grandson, Silvio Levi, and his wife took over the company's lead. Many things changed, many projects were started but without affecting the underlying principles. The first shop was opened in 1997, at the premises of the Company's headquarter at Via Pietro Verri 1 into the Milan's Golden Quadrilateral including via Montenapoleone.

New location and new store

Calé's location in 2001 was transferred to S.Maria Podone 5, in one of the most charming Milan's historic districts and main financial centre, near the marvellous eighteenth century buildings in Corso Magenta.
The new shop was opened a few steps away, at Via S. Maria alla Porta 5, based on an extremely innovative aesthetic concept, combination between tradition and modernity, featuring a name that represents a declaration of intent, Calé Fragranze d'Autore (Calé Art Fragrances), which began selling in addition to the brands distributed exclusively by Calé, also other main sector's brands.

Trademark "Calé Fragranze d'Autore" was conceived

In 2008, the line created by Calé named after the shop, was created: Calé Fragranze d'Autore (Calé Art Fragrances)

Pérfume by Calé: the third store

In 2013 the shop moved to Corso Magenta 22 and it's layout completely renewed. A new and eloquent name was given to this Art Gallery that proposes the most creative and interesting expressions of today's and past biggest artistic perfumers and brands with a richer variety of fragrances: Pérfume by Calé, the accent on perfume. In February 2014, the store proposed for the first time in Italy, the new interactive olfactory diagnostic system on iPad, developed together with Nose Paris, of which Calé is joint owner.

Boutique Creed in Milan

On September 2014 we also designed and opened in Milan a shop completely dedicated to the brand Creed as a milestone celebrating about 30 years of relation between Calé and Creed family and the relevant role of the Italian distribution for the worldwide brand's success.

The philosophy

Since 1955, Calé is being distributing in Italy, many of the most prestigious brands, boosting the birth and development of the distribution channel of "Artistic Perfumery".

The values of the products distributed by Calé are to be sought in quality, presentation and in the particular history, vicissitude or emotion that each single creation has to tell.

How the perfume offer has changed

Perfumes have always been considered a "luxury" good. Originally an almost exclusive prerogative of ruling or sacerdotal classes, they progressively became affordable to a larger public, but retaining a fine image, at least in the collective imagination, especially thanks to how advertising proposed them. Today, the large offer makes difficult to acknowledge the quality and creativity underlying unusual creations, destined to last in time and able to confer an "olfactory form" to emotions and memories or to "tell" charming and exciting stories.

Many top perfumes are not considered the way they should be, artistic expressions with an intrinsic value, but, unfortunately, simple products subject to general marketing rules. Who sells them disregards favouring the fact that each of us should wear a perfume in line with their stylistic choices and instead, pushes an indiscriminate consumption in any possible way, so that each new fragrance can become a best seller worn by a great variety of people.

Artistic Perfumery: the inspiration of personality

Instead, Artistic Perfumery represents a segment characterised by Maisons that due to their nature, require a very limited distribution and aware independent choices by their clients. They avail themselves of meticulously handicraft productions, rare and natural ingredients and are based on extremely peculiar experiences and know-how.

Calé's choices: elegance with simplicity

Class as expression of polite elegance, refinement as result of expert research. Our products represent an ideal touch to the very personal choices that each of us makes in expressing themselves.

Only the result of afflatus creativity, without compromising quality and passion, becomes part of our world. We distribute it exclusively in Italy, to a limited number of perfume shops and specialized stores.

The constant devotion, the absolute respect for quality values, personality and tradition and the ongoing research for whatever is the result of care, love, inspiration, creativity and strong personality of the inventors, led Calé to identify exciting perfumery's masterpieces and to propose these beautiful expressions of men's creativity to a public of knowledgeable and demanding admirers.

Among these particular fragrances, there are some that, despite being developed over half century ago, are perfectly able to surprise who discovers them for the first time, to the point to persuade them to wear them for many years to come.

The pleasure of discovery

With time, the research which began from perfumes, extended progressively to fragrances for the environment, shaving and hair accessories, body care products, thus offering a wide range of products and satisfying the increase of a more exigent and qualified demand. A history of discoveries and re-discoveries that takes shapes only through a network of retailers whose stores, in terms of image and products offered, are in line with the criteria that lead us to choose stylish and refined touches.

Pérfume by Calé

Our shop in Milan

Pérfume by Calé store hosts the creations of brands characteristic of the Artistic Perfumery. Perfumes of "historic" Maisons, together with new and highly innovative brands, a place where you will be able to choose your fragrance, smelling and listening.

Perfumes, body care products, fragrances for the environment, shaving products and accessories and books on perfumes, but also meetings with sector's experts addressed to the public.

A world in which the quality of products is matched to simple elegance and unique creativity, result of great personality.

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